Growers Program:
From Struggling to SIX-FIGURES...
Launching a practice is exciting! But growing a practice can be a real grind.
Transform your business into the thriving therapy practice you've always wanted it to be.
Growers program curriculum
Develop the kind of clarity and confidence needed to run and grow a successful, purpose-driven business.
Create efficient administrative and client onboarding processes to build a streamlined operation from end-to-end.
Pay off debt faster, start saving and learn how to identify the best ways to invest in your business and yourself.
Discover simple yet effective ways to sell yourself and your business in a compelling and honest way (minus the "ick" factor).
From setting your pricing to growing your client list and nurturing referrals, learn the key pillars of business development for therapists.
Master an effective intake session and learn to collect desirable referrals by creating a solid client relations strategy.
Steph says ...
My goal was to get 15 clients by the end of my first year... to my surprise; I had not anticipated the rapid growth that came my way! I’m now five months in and have worked with over 60 clients. I’m seeing 20-25 clients per week consistently and by four months in I had to stop taking new clients and currently have a waitlist!!! I just wanted to say thank you for your program, as I really feel it helped me with setting up a good foundation and giving me the confidence that I needed.
~Steph Paolucci, RP (qualifying), Pickering, ON
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Steph says ...
Gina says...
If I could share one piece of treasured advice, it would be to take this program! It was invaluable for me, and my practice is continually growing and thriving! I learned to narrow my niche and fine-tune my website. I received wisdom on how to structure my practice so that I could balance my family life, work, and self-care. I also learned so many invaluable tools and helpful hints. In fact, I received so much from this program that I am now taking the next steps to expand my private practice!
~Gina Kiem, CCC, LPC, Washington, D.C. USA
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Gina says...
There are so many things you need to know!
How do you attract the right kind of clients?

How do you know when to niche down... or... what's a "niche"?!

How do you manage the financial side of the business?

How do you develop the right operational practices?
Get the clarity you need to create a stress-free business!
Fenny says...
I decided to seek guidance through BYPP (now YourBest) after a classmate told me how helpful they had been. I am so thankful that I decided to take a risk and just dive right in. I was able to swiftly format my policies and forms and balance tricky issues I was having with clients. Venturing out on your own is hard enough, especially in a career with so many ethical guidelines, but I feel confident as well as comfortable knowing I can turn to YB for support. I can confidently say that I could have saved months of research and worries had I contacted them sooner. They are worth every penny!
~Fenny Goyal, RP, Brampton, ON
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Fenny says...
What is the Growers Program?
The Growers Program is designed for therapists who are currently running a practice but want to grow their client list and improve their overall operation so that they can run their business with greater ease and satisfaction.
The Growers program is right for you if...
✓ Your private practice doors are open
✓ You need more clients
✓ You're finding it hard to identify the clients you want
✓ You are struggling to attract the clients you want
✓ You want to learn how to manage the behind-the-scenes of your business more seamlessly
✓ You want to handle your finances more intelligently
✓ You long for a better work-life balance
✓ You want to feel more confident in your role as a business owner
Take your business to the next level!
You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.